We have standardized the seven isomers of
chlorogenic acid at the most optimum ratio.

KFDA Approval 2018 - no.6

Green Coffee Bean Extract.

그린커피빈 주정추출물.


May help with body fat reduction

Daily intake

As green coffee bean extract,
500mg per day

Manufacturing method patent

USA (9,962,356)


Vidya Herbs (India) Pvt.

Natural Ingredients. Scientifically Proven.

Daehan Chemtech provides only the best raw materials using nature's healing properties, and today we have been researching new plants to ensure a healthier life for all.

Chlorogenic Acid extracted from
Green Coffee Beans.

Chlorogenic Acid Molecular Structure

Human clinical test.

  • 1) Values are mean ± SD 2) *P < 0.01 compared to placebo
  • clinically proven by a 12-week human trial.