Marine Fucose

Fucose is a rare sugar
as the main component of fucoidan
contained in seaweed.

Marine Fucose.

Diet solution found in the sea, Marine Fucose..

Functionality May improve intestinal health
and help to reduce body fat
Material Property White powder with excellent
Manufacturer Yaizu Suisankagaku
Industry Co., Ltd.

Ascophyllum Nodosum

Ascophyllum Nodosum is a brown algae that grows wild in North America and
Northern Europe as the main ingredient for marine fucose.
It is consumed locally as a substitute for salads or salt.

What is Fucose?

Sugars that make up seaweed Present in large quantities in human breast milk
Human breast milk : 1~6mg/100ml
Cow Milk(raw milk) : 1.8mg/100mg [n=9] In-house data
Serum in healthy people : 9.6~15.7mg/ml

Manufacturing process

Clinical Test

Use of Fucose 1.

Body weight control
functional material

Reference Pharmacometrics 100(3/4) 63-70(2021)

Placebo : n = 33, Fucose : n = 34. * ; p < 0.05 (P-value is a result of unpaired t-test between groups.)

Inhibition of abdominal fat accumulation by reducing PPARγ expression Increase the ratio of multimeric adiponectin to promote decomposition of visceral/subcutaneous fat
Use of Fucose 2.

Intestinal health
functional material

Placebo : n = 8 , Fucose : n = 11. * ; p < 0.05 (P-value is a result of unpaired t-test between groups.)

Maintaining moderate acidity by increasing short-chain fatty acids in the intestine, improving the intestinal environment by improving barrier function and promoting peristalsis